BRY-MAC Mechanical Ltd
Recent Projects
  Institutional & Municipal Construction Facilities
Provide comfort HVAC and plumbing installations for seniors homes, care facilities & schools/universities.  Additionally we have provided specialized HVAC plumbing services for equipment infrastructure related facilities like water plants, sewer plants, generator rooms, laboratories, etc.

Telecom & Data Center Facilities
Supply and install precision air conditioning systems for telecom and data equipment cooling.  We have utilized packaged, chilled water, direct expansion split, dry coolers and free cooling systems

Residential & Multi Family Units
Provide services on a variety of residential projects ranging from single family dwellings to 150+ unit condominiums.  Scope of work has ranged from furnace re/re to complete heating, cooling, ventilation and plumbing for new properties.

Commercial, Retail & Office Buildings
Provide HVAC and plumbing installations and service for office buildings, retail, banking facilities, recreational and postal sorting facilities.  We have installed boilers, water heaters and rooftop units.

Power Generation & Transmission Facilities
Conduct a wide variety of projects at power generating dam sites as well as transmission facilities.  These have been battery room ventilation including controls & alarming, shop HVAC dust collections and vehicle exhaust systems.  We have provided fire suppression system air duct & damper sealing installations.

Manufacturing & Production
Provide HVAC design & installation services to a variety of clients involved in manufacturing & production.  Including FRP plants, milk & cheese production, coffee roasting, forest products, pulp & paper, bakeries & brewing companies.
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